Publications and Patents



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Pateamine A Derivatives: Translation Inhibitors

Daniel Romo, Omar Robles, Mingzhao Zhu, Kenneth G. Hull “Beta-amino Pateamine A Derivatives for Treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia” PCT Int. Appl. October 5, 2017 WO 2017173313 A1.

Daniel Romo, Omar Robles, Mingzhao Zhu, Kenneth G. Hull “Alpha-amino Pateamine A Derivatives for Treating Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia” PCT Int. Appl. October 6, 2016 WO 2016161168 A1.

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Belactosin-Orlistat Hybrids as Dual Inhibitors of the Proteasome/FAS

Daniel Romo, Sung Wook Cho “Novel Belactosin Derivatives as Therapeutic Agents/Biological Probes and Their Synthesis” February 2012 Patent # US11/775154

Determination of Marinobufagenin: Assay Development

Jules B. Puschett, Daniel Romo, Luc R. Berghman, Daad Ali Abi-Ghanem, Xinzhong Lai, Method for Determination of Marinobufagenin Levels and Compounds Employable in Such Method U.S. Patent Issued August  2011 Patent # US 2011/0207154 A1.