Capabilities and Available Instrumentation

  • Chemical synthesis of natural products and derivatives including enzyme inhibitors and biosynthetic precursors, and derivatization of natural products
  • Synthesis of Cellular Probes including derivatized/tagged natural products (e.g. biotin, photoaffinity, fluorophores) and/or attachment to protein or polymer supports (typically 100μg-10 mg quantities)
  • Automated reaction optimization (HTRO) to help chemists identify optimal reaction parameters quickly and facilitate discovery and development of new reactions using a Freeslate fully automated synthesizer
  • Analytical chemistry focused on separation/purification of natural products and derivatives (analytical HPLC, semi-prep HPLC; normal and reverse phase; liquid/liquid, solid/liquid, and supercritical CO2 extractions) and unnatural peptides (capillary electrophoresis, CE), Bruker LC-MS-SPE-NMR isolation system and a Teledyne Combi-Flash Rf 200i MPLC
  • Isolation and structure elucidation of natural products including GC/MS, LC/MS, high field NMR analysis and derivatization for x-ray analysis
  • Medicinal chemistry and drug-lead development