The Baylor CPRIT Synthesis and Drug-Lead Discovery Laboratory will focus on the devolpment and application of chemo- and site-selective methods for the derivatization of biologically and pharmacologically important natural products and other bioactive small molecules and the high throughput optimization of synthetic transformations.

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New Manuscript Accepted for Publication:

“Molecular Mechanism for Attractant Signaling to DHMA by E. coli Tsr” Asuka A. Orr, Jingyun Yang, Nitesh Sule, Ravi Chawla, Kenneth G. Hull, Mingzhao Zhu, Daniel Romo, Pushkar P. Lele, Arul Jayaraman, Michael D. Manson, and Phanourios Tamamis Biophysical Journal 2020118(2), 492-504. Link